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The Crimson Check

The Crimson Check

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The Crimson Check - Handcrafted in the USA

Fabrics & Features: 

Body: 136 GSM, 4.1oz 100% Pure Moisture Wicking Poly. Collar / Sleeve Ends: 6oz cotton / polyester blended fabric

Each piece features signature handsewn crimson crests, a singular custom antique woven label, button down stand-alone crest collar, and tailored side vents.

The Design: The creation of the Crimson Check shirt was driven by our commitment to delivering a garment that ages gracefully, akin to fine wine, and gains character over time. The shirt's core fabric is Iliac's renowned staple, complemented by the traditional cotton used for the crimson check, resulting in an exquisite fusion of textures and aesthetics. This combination yields a captivating and harmonious appearance.

Sizing: Model is 6ft 2in wearing a size medium. 

Shipment Time:  24 hour shipping
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