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The Granite Plaid

The Granite Plaid

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The Granite Plaid - Handcrafted in the USA

Fabrics & Features: 

Body: 136 GSM, 4.1oz 100% Pure Moisture Wicking Poly. Collar / Sleeve Ends: 6oz cotton / polyester blended fabric

Each piece features signature handsewn crimson crests, a singular custom antique woven label, button down stand-alone crest collar, and tailored side vents.

The Design: Drenched in the essence of a moonless night, this exquisite polo shirt boasts a pitch-black body that exudes an air of mystique and sophistication. Enhanced by the intricate granite plaid fabric accents, it mirrors the rugged grandeur of granite cliffs meeting the darkness, presenting a compelling fusion of strength and subtlety. A timeless symbol of understated luxury, this garment invites one to experience the allure of the enigmatic cosmos through its rich textures and captivating design.

Sizing: Model is 6ft 4in wearing a size large. 

Shipment Time:  24 hour shipping
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