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The Stealth Plaid

The Stealth Plaid

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The Stealth Plaid - Handcrafted in the USA

Fabrics & Features: 6oz 50/50 cotton polyester blended fabric. Each piece features signature handsewn crimson crests, a singular custom antique woven label, button down stand-alone crest collar, and tailored side vents.

The Design: We innovatively crafted the Stealth Plaid shirt by merging 50% modern polyester with 50% traditional cotton, resulting in a fabric that combines cutting-edge durability with classic comfort. This fusion embodies the shirt's core message of quiet yet unyielding confidence, making it a sophisticated choice for individuals seeking a timeless yet resilient wardrobe staple.

Sizing: Model is 6ft 2in wearing a size medium. 

Shipment Time:  24 hour shipping
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